Handmade in Monmouthshire

Welcome to Cadno Silk Lines - the only UK maker of traditional, hand-made silk fly lines, all braided and dressed here in the heart of the Usk Valley in Monmouthshire.  Uniquely among the few remaining silk line manufacturers in the world today, our new lines are bespoke - we make the lines to order, rather than carry stock. 

We also stock a range of second hand/used silk lines, all of which have been carefully cleaned, tested, graded, and reconditioned ready to spool up and cast.

If you already own a silk line which needs some tender care, we offer a silk line 'restoration' service, where we are able to strip, clean and refurbish your cherished line back to near-original condition, ready to fish for another 80 years!

Cadno also hand make bespoke cane rods, anything from an ultralight 6' wand for small brooks up to 14' double-handed Salmon rods, spinning rods for trout, salmon, pike and other toothy critters as well as all sorts of rods for coarse fishing, from Avocets to Float Rovers.

We meet our customer's needs around the world...

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